Top Summer Activities in Vilnius in 2016

Whether you are a local or a visitor to the city, Vilnius, the vibrant and colorful capital of Lithuania, offers a variety of fun and interesting things to do that will teach you new skills, introduce you to the city’s history, and will let you experience the city in a one-of-a-kind way! From seeing the city from a bird’s eye view to finding the coolest places to hang out and have a beer this summer, this guide is sure to offer something exciting for everyone.

1. A flight with a helicopter over Vilnius

Would you like to explore the beautiful city of Vilnius from above? There is no better way to do it than taking a helicopter flight and seeing both the historical Old Town with its red roofs and the beautiful nature in and around the city from a bird’s eye view. AIRBUS helicopters, which have been widely used for sightseeing tours all over the world, from New York to Dubai, are now available in Lithuania’s capital too! The helicopter takes off at the White Bridge (Baltasis tiltas), taking you over Vingis Park, the streets of the Old Town, and other impressive sights of the capital, such as Užupis Republic, the Hill of Three Crosses, Gediminas Tower, and Vilnius Cathedral. The flight is at the maximum height of 800 meters and lasts 20 minutes, of which 12-15 minutes will be spent in the helicopter. There is also a longer flight (30-40 minutes) available which also includes flying over the beautiful town of Trakai with its historic castle and stunning lakes. VIP flights are also offered for an extra special experience.  Book here.

Price: €149-249/person

3. Segway Tours

Want to explore Vilnius Old Town and hear about the city’s history in a very comfortable and enjoyable way? Segways are one great way to do it! This modern transportation is very easy to use, lets you go for miles without getting tired and allows you to travel as fast or slow as you want. Moreover, this way of traveling is very eco-friendly as the segways are powered by electricity only. The Segway Tours are offered for a minimum six people who will get an English speaking guide and a full safety instruction before the ride begins. The tours last 1.5 hours – just enough to discover all the hidden treasures of the beautiful Old Town! Book here.

Price: €35/person

4. Tank Driving

All military enthusiasts and those who live for adrenaline rush just can’t miss out on this fun and rather crazy activity! It is definitely one of the coolest things to do in Lithuania, or perhaps in all three Baltic States. Get transported straight into a battle field as you learn to drive one of those steel giants, and try your hand at manoeuvring a tank for a full 10 minutes. Full professional instruction is provided beforehand and a qualified instructor will assist you during the ride. Real adrenaline lovers must not miss out on the opportunity to crush a car with a tank (although that will cost €500, the experience is definitely one of the craziest things you can do and worth every penny!). It is highly recommended to book the transport from PlayVilnius, since the tank track is situated around 25 kilometres away from the city, and is not easy to get to using public transport. Book here.

Price: €65/person

5. Hipster bar tour

For those visitors who not only enjoy having a pint or two but are also looking for a unique and atmospheric ambience to do it, Vilnius is truly a great city to visit. Pub and bar crawls, very popular in other European countries such as the UK, are beginning to become a trend in Vilnius, too. Here is our guide to the best hipster bars in Vilnius:

First stop – Piano Man.  The bar is famous for being a favorite with students, young professionals, and famous personas. Visitors will find great inexpensive drinks, fun music and really friendly bartenders. Piano Man calls itself ‘a story bar’ because it is a great place to meet an old friend and have long conversations or make new acquaintances and share stories. Who knows – you might even bump into the likes of Martin Freeman who reportedly visited the bar while shooting a movie in Vilnius last year.

Address: Islandijos g. 1, Vilnius

Next – Who hit John.

Who hit John might just be the smallest bar in the capital, and yet it is one of the most frequented by hipsters and arty people. The bar is Star Wars-themed and has a certain special atmosphere created by the happy and quirky people who like to gather there.

Address: Rotušės a. 21, Vilnius

Then – Špunka. Špunka is a relatively new and very small bar that is nevertheless already always buzzing with crowds of artsy and international people. It sells a variety of craft local beers that you will have difficulty finding anywhere else, very different from typical Lithuanian brews.

Address: Užupio g. 9-1, Vilnius

Following – Bukowski Bar.

Looking for a place where modern-day bohemians come to share poetry, music and, of course, beer? Bukowski is the place to go! Local craft beers and delicious hot dogs accompanied by hip atmosphere – good time guaranteed.

Address: Visų Šventųjų g. 5, Vilnius

Final stop – Peronas. Peronas (‘platform’), which calls itself ‘a travel bar’ is justly located right by the railway tracks beside the train station. The atmosphere is very hipster-appropriate: dimly lit, decorated with vintage and industrial style furniture. The bar serves various cocktails, Czech and local beers to motley crowds that grow in number on weekend nights when DJs and live bands come to play. The bar also hosts special nights “Everyone can DJ” where anyone can book a space and become a DJ for a full 20 minutes!

Address: Geležinkelio g. 6, Vilnius

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