Tank driving Vilnius

Yes, it is true. You can learn how to drive a tank in Vilnius. It is one of the craziest activities to do while visiting Vilnius. Tank fits 10 people. There is an outdoor shooting range across the street.
Available all-year-round. Participants are driving them self after safety instruction and under the supervision of our instructor. Everyone gets to drive one lap in special driving track located in the forest and career.

75€ (per person)

Add Extras

  • Extra lap: For tank driver 30 € per person
  • Ride a tank: If you don't want do drive a tank 25 € per person
  • MRE (meal ready to eat): From Lithuanian military 10 € per person
  • BBQ: From 6 people 17 € per person
  • Return transfer: 2 - 3 people 40 € per group
  • Return transfer: 4 - 8 people 75 € per group
  • Return transfer: 9 - 16 people 160 € per group
  • Return transfer: 17 - 19 people 190 € per group
  • Return transfer: 20 - 30 people 220 € per group
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Can’t leave the Baltics until you drive a tank!

I spent my holidays in Lithuania and almost all days in Vilnius. I went alone and I wanted to do something original and fun there, but unfortunately I didn’t know anyone there to recommend me what to do. 

Luckily for me, I found “Play Vilnius”. They proposed me to do amazing activities like shoot with a Kalashnikov or even drive a tank! It was a great experience and they all where really friendly. 

I strongly recommend that company to organize your baltic holidays!!

Alberto, Spain

Tank driving was an absolute experience and the instructor was very friendly. The shooting trial is a must if you never tried such firing devices. Some good memories to remember.

David, Malta

This is a must do in Vilnius! I didn’t even think it was possibility such a crazy thing as driving a tank. 

You should try this experience because:

(i) it’s not something you can get everywhere;

(ii) the staff is awesome;

(iii) driving a tank is one of the most powerful sensations you can have. 

I recommend everyone do try this experience. You’ll not regret!

Pedro, Portugal

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