The Best Team Building Activities In Vilnius

When managing a large company, with people who not only have different roles and duties in the organization, but often also come from diverse backgrounds and age groups, it is extremely important to invest into activities that help to build the team and create effective interpersonal relationships between its members. This not only increases the team’s overall productivity level and performance, but it also helps to create a great ambience and augment the employees’ satisfaction. This, in turn, cannot but lead to a fully functioning and financially successful business. Team building activities can also be used to solve any problems or conflicts that arise within a team, identifying these issues and finding effective solutions to ensure that they will not occur again. In this article we are going to suggest a few of the best team building activities in Vilnius.

Beat the Box

This activity takes place indoors so it is a good choice for any day of the year.

If you want to challenge your team members and help them work on their collaborative problem solving abilities while at the same time having lots of fun, Beat the Box is the right choice for you. This game greets the players with a mysterious video message that challenges the players to solve the puzzle and crack a code which will stop the countdown. However, the code must be entered in an electronic combination during a limited period of time if the game is to be won. Since it is necessary for the team members to collaborate in order to win the game, it is a great way to show them how their different skills combined can solve even the toughest of problems, and to induce them to come up with creative solutions while working together. Learn more here.

Price: €1300/event

iVilnius – a City Quiz Game

Say “NO” to a traditional umbrella walking tour with a guide! It’s boring!

New to Vilnius? Why not explore the city in a fun and different way while at the same time building stronger relationships between your team members! iVilnius is a city game played using IPads. The game, which can be customized according to your group’s specific needs, comes with 14 different and slightly challenging tasks. It is guided by a trio of a moderator and two actors. This is not only a great way to discover the city, but it also helps to build relationships and requires teamwork in order for the goals to be achieved. Working towards the goal becomes exciting and competitive as the three best teams get awarded cool prizes. To top it all, the players get to use the latest technology while having lots of fun! Learn more here.

Price: €30/person

Kitchen Party

Cooperation can be tasty

When visiting Lithuania, trying Lithuanian cuisine is an absolute must! The country not only boasts of the rich dish of cepelinai and a variety of other delicious and filling meals, but it also has great local beers and unique strong drinks that are must-tries. Why not take your team to a modern and fun kitchen party which will not only cater to their taste buds, but is also one of the best ways to build emotional ties that will last. Your team members, guided by a professional English-speaking chef, will learn to cook delicious modern Lithuanian and foreign dishes that will constitute a three course meal to enjoy after all the collective work at the pans! The participants will not only learn great recipes, but will also find out about the art and principles of cooking, and all the different ingredients. Want to make the party extra special? It is possible to hire a DJ for an extra fee which will make the experience even more memorable. Learn more here.

Price: €58/person

Ice Curling in Vilnius

The “coolest” sport out there!

It is hard to argue that playing team sports is one of the best ways to build a team. Play Vilnius offers a unique opportunity to try a sport that many members of your team might not yet be familiar with – ice curling! This cool (note the pun) activity doesn’t require any previous experience from the players – all training and instructions will be provided. The participants will learn the basics of throwing, sweeping and skipping, which will then enable them to have fun devising strategies and competing to win! This teambuilding activity has many benefits: the participants will gain leadership, communication, trust, problem solving and decision making skills while working with their fellow corporate workers. Last but not least, it’s fun and a great exercise, too! Learn more here.

Price: €58/person

Dinner in the Sky

Not for the fainthearted!

It’s no secret that participating in the simple but very enjoyable act of eating together is one of the best ways to build good relationships and to get to know each other. But what could make it even better? A unique location of course. Dinner in the Sky in Vilnius will offer you and your corporate team an unforgettable experience of dining together high up in the sky with the breathtaking views of Vilnius, Tallinn and the Baltic Sea opening up before you wherever you look. You can choose from three options: Lunch in the Sky in Vilnius (approx. 40 minutes) which includes a three-course menu prepared by a skilful chef; Champagne in the Sky in Vilnius (approx. 20 minutes) – a light snack accompanied by champagne; and Dinner in the Sky in Vilnius (approx. 1 hour) – a four-course meal with the chef joining the guests to personally serve them and talk about his food and the menu.

Husky Dog Sledding

Have a ride in Santa Claus’ style!

Although Vilnius might be the most beautiful in summer, if your event takes place during the colder months there’s no need to worry! There are plenty of great activities taking place in the other seasons, too. One of them is Husky Dog Sledding, a brand new and unique activity available in autumn, winter and spring. Although the experience might be enhanced by the cold temperatures and piles of snow, the rides are also available on the ground when no snow is to be found. There is a variety of options available, including a 1-2 hours ride with Siberian huskies, a unique half-day experience in a Husky Dog Farm close to Vilnius, and a full-day tour and rides at the Farm. During both half and full-day tours of the Husky Farm you and your team will not only be able to try sledding with the huskies, but also will learn all about their breeding, training and will be able to enjoy delicious and belly-warming meals made in an ancient countryside oven in the middle of snowy fields. The experience will strengthen the emotional ties between your team as the members will try something new and unexpected together while being far away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Just don’t forget to take your warmest jumpers! Learn more here.

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