Ice curling Vilnius

Ice curling Vilnius is a team activity which helps your colleagues to learn the basics of throwing, sweeping and skipping (strategy). What is more, no curling experience is necessary to take part in a corporate curling event.
With the training and the encouragement by our instructors, curling provides your group with an outstanding setting for a team-building. Also, curling is an interactive sport which covers a range of experiences: leadership, communication, trust, problem solving and decision making.
Event’s itinerary:

  • General introduction and a short video (15 min)
  • Then warm-up exercises and the ice discussion (15 min)
  • On-ice instruction on how to play the game; delivering the stone, sweeping and a strategy (50 min)
  • Team formation and afterwards playing a 2-end competitive game (45 min)
60€ (per person)

Add Extras

  • Return Transfer: 15 - 18 people 160 € per group
  • Return Transfer: 17 - 30 people 190 € per group

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