Soviet Vilnius Experience

soviet vilnius experience

Ever wonder what a tour of Vilnius would have looked like 30 years ago? There are still a few spots left around the city that remind us of life back in those times. Soviet Vilnius experience is a great possibility to travel back in time.

We will provide vintage transportation for this 3 hours tour. You will have a chance to ride the legendary Lada car or retro bus. Our guide will tell you shortly about life in Soviet times and take you to the most important places like KGB building, Gediminas Avenue. The highlight of Soviet Vilnius experience is a visit to Vilnius TV tower where you will be treated to a vodka tasting in the restaurant while taking in the panoramic view.

Finally, we will invite you to have lunch at the legendary restaurant where you will taste the best Chicken Kiev in town in a setting that’s been relatively untouched since Soviet times.

50€ (per person)

Add Extras

  • Kalashnikov shooting experience: 5 shots 15 € per person
  • Lunch at the legendary restaurant in Vilnius TV tower: 3 course lunch 25 € per person

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