Survival in Soviet bunker

25 kilometres away from Vilnius, 5 meters below the ground you will find yourself in the USSR. Here you start to participate in the interactive show here called “The Survival in a Soviet bunker”. During 3-hour show, become a citizen of a totalitarian state. During the show “Survival in a Soviet bunker” you will be welcomed by guards along with furious dogs. Having waved goodbye to your belongings, currency, cameras and mobile phones, you will put on a Soviet threadbare coat on and relive the life of a USSR citizen: full of tension and social peculiarities. You’ll listen to the music of those times and will eat a Soviet dinner yourself in bunkers canteen. Before leaving the bunker you will receive a special certificate and 50 grams of vodka.


55€ (per person)

Add Extras

  • extra 2 actors: extra one episode actor and officer with the dog 250 € per group
  • extra 4 actors: extra 4 professional actors and dog 500 € per group
  • Return Transfer: 10 - 17 people 160 € per group
  • Return Transfer: 18-25 people 190 € per group

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