Vilnius lada rally

Soviet Vilnius tour

Are you looking for a new way to discover Vilnius? An activity that would include visits to the most exciting parts of Vilnius? An game that motivates the team spirit in you including some exotic vehicles? Here is one of them…. Vilnius Lada Rally.

Activity itinerary: Your group will be split in smaller teams of 3 people per team. Then, every team gets LADA car with driver and iPad with activated map of Vilnius. Afterwards, teams have to visit different locations of Vilnius to complete challenges (make photos, create video, answer questions about Vilnius/Lithuania or even try local vodka). Finally, all teams meet at Vilnius TV tower to find out which teams completed more challenges and got more points.

60€ (per person)

Add Extras

  • Kalashnikov shooting experience: 5 shots 15 € per person
  • Visit to brewery & Lithuanian beer tasting : 5 x 0.2 L 18 € per person

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